A typical day's timetable for all three courses starts shortly after 9am and runs throughout 5 periods till 5.30pm.

It includes:
  • Instrumental and vocal tutorials
  • Illustrated jazz history/seminar/workshop
  • Jazz Ensembles for final concert
  • Graded improvisation groups
  • GG's jam session with tutor rhythm section
  • Dedicated singers' session
  • Opportunities for individual tuition
  • Harmony classes
  • Composing and arranging
  • Jazz beginners classes
  • The Jazz examination syllabus from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music can also be studied by those who may be interested.

After dinner the final session, the jazz club, runs every night.


Specific details for the courses are given below:

Spring Jazz

To celebrate new life and embrace the freshness of the spring season, how better to do so than spend some of the Easter holiday experiencing the best process any jazz course can offer? This course caters for all instruments.

Spring course dates 2020 are yet to be confirmed.

Summer Jazz

In late summer, the Jazz Academy Summer Course is for all instrumentalists and vocalists. A wide variety of people and instruments makes this a most enjoyable musical experience for anyone who is interested in learning more about jazz.

11th to the 17th August 2019.


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Winter Jazz

What happens between Christmas and New Year, apart from more eating, more drinking and more insufferable relatives?! WINTER JAZZ is the answer - an oasis of cool excitement for all instrumentalists and vocalists between Christmas & New Year.

27th to the 30th December 2019 (fingers crossed!)

Evening Jazz Club

Our jazz club runs from 7.30pm to 10.30pm; time slots are freely bookable as are tutors to play or sing with. You can be sure of a warm and positive reception regardless of ability or performing experience. Friends, family and jazz fans are welcomed to a swinging scene and a fully licensed bar.

Final Jazz Concert

On the last day of each course there is a structured final concert which features the Jazz Ensembles. Led by the tutors the ensembles rehearse throughout the course to provide an always very professional and accomplished concert that neatly rounds proceedings off. This starts at 2pm. Again, friends and family are more than welcome to attend.

"Of many highlights - always a problem to single just one out - the last ensemble on Monday's final concert (winter jazz 2013) presented a performance that would have enhanced a professional concert. The rhythm section intro to Webster's Mood was stunning."

- Ken MacIntyre


If you have any questions about the timetable or what each individual course consists of dont hesitate to contact us here